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EverQuest Legends

About EverQuest Legends Premium Service

EverQuest Legends (Stormhammer server)  is a premium subscription service which has been started since Feb/2002.

Server's population is regulated less than 8000 to provide best Player vs. Enviroment  for every subscribers.  Legends offers various type of GM events/quests in everyday which are not available on other servers.  In GM events/quests, you may get item rewards that can only be obtained on Legends.

About GM Events/Quests

Almost everyday, two or three GM events/quests are scheduled in Legends. GM events/quest are dynamic event which gives many fun things depending how players act on and fundamentally different with other server's GM controlled events.  Each GM event/quest are designed for particular  level range allowing any players designated range will get best fun/rewards.

There are also novelized GM quest which spans two or more consequent days and various type of  competition including  Players vs. Players, fishing contest, etc.

About Legends only items

There was some Legends only items related with legends only zone (e.g. Phantom Jewelry) at early time of Legends. However, rewards from GM events/quests became  legends only item which currently available for players since vanishing of such Legends only zone (e.g. Marauder's Mire).

About Legends Only Zone

There was some Legends only zone and related quests. Unfortunately, due to problem within such rapidly development zone, Legends teams abandon them forever. There was a last event for vanishing Marauder's Mire from Norrath, it was final quest of Legends only zone. Actually, there was many unreasonable items drops in such zone. It was possible such items affects other servers community when it was brought from Legends. Legends teams redefined Legends only zone as advanced lunching of old revamp zone and newly optional zone earlier than other servers.

About EverQuest II

There was good news for Legends subscribers. When SoE announced they will release EverQuest II at end of 2003, it stated that Legends subscriber will be highest candidate of beta tester.  After  this announcement, many players who wish to play EQ2 as soon as possible gather to Legends.


You have to subscribe Legends serives to play on Legends (Stormhammer server). Following are summary of registration for Legends service.

About Legends subscription fee

When you subscribe to Legends service, you will be billed $39.95/Month. Since Legends subscription is combo of SoE ALL ACCESS subscription and premium serivice, you can play on all EverQuest server including Stormhammer and other online game permitted with  SoE ALL ACCESS. However, you may not use any kind of game  cards for payment.

About Transfering Characters

You may transfer own characters from regular server to Stromhammer server.  Since you have 8 free character slot in Stormhammer, you may not move more than  8 character from other server. You may also create new character on Stormhammer server. It is not necessary to transfer any character from original server. You may transfer character from original server anytime after you subscribe to Legends service.

When you complete registration for subscription to Legends service, SOE will send you notification mail which include URL of official legends character transfer page. Usually, request of character transfer is processed every 2hours if you are not logged in.

After completion of character move, you will receive notification mail from SOE.

It is important that all equipments and items including bank slot are also moved with character. All faction and flags/Keys are preserved. It is completely different from regular character moving service. You may play on Legends with same character and same equipment/items from original server. It will be ideal character move. You will start at location where you last logout in original server.

About Legends Registration Page

URL of official Legends Web site is follwings:

EverQuest Legends Homepage        EverQuest Legends Virtual Tuar

If you could not get any response from above URL, click  here.

Legends Character Transfer Page    (Legends character move page)

You may access above page only after registering Legends subscription request.
On Lgends Web Site, You will be access looks like Event Schedule, Guild/Character Page for seeking various information on Legends.

Pleas check again Official Legends Rule, FAQ to ensure understanding about Legends service. They will be some update by Legends team.

After Completing Registration

After completing Registration, You may login into Legends server (Stormhammer). When you first select stormhammer for login, You may ask for entering billing information for Legends subscription start. You should enter your credit card information for payment of Legends subscription fee.


Followings are  FAQ from viewpoint of Legends subscriber.

Q How Legends differ from other server exactly?

A First, there are rich GM events/quest available on Legends. Almost everyday, there are two or more GM events/quest. Second, Legends has dedicated support/development staff (Legends team). GM on Legends are dedicated to support players on Legends server. In other words, Legends team govern entire Legends server and community. This independent nature of server, you have to mail for Legends team for character move back to original server. You could not find Stormhammer in standard SOE character move service page.

Q Tell more detail of GM events/quests

A You may find scheduled GM events/quests on official Legends Web site. You may also find all information of events since service started. For japanese, we translate event calendar as EVENT INFO. You also use this for lookin what events are going today. There are many different type of GM events/quests on Legeds.

(a) A starring NPC (who is GM controlled) need assistance to compelete his/her quest or mission (GM quest).
(b) PvP/PvE competion with certain class and range of level in Arena.
(c) Contest challenging players EverQuest Knowledge (e.g. vendor price of item) or garbage item swap mart.
(d) Player-hosted event (e.g. Vox/Nagy Raid, epic help, Wedding ceremony, Christmas/New year party, Newly guild establishment party).
(e) Contenst of Fishing,
drunken  marathon, eating race, relay race, swimming, corpse football, and other sport game)

here are more fun stuff in GM events/quest in game.

All of Legends team hosted GM events/quests are held in day time on United States. There are 4 time slots in day, morning, afternoon, evening and night. There are a few players in such day time especially on weekday. Fortunately, it is better than crowd. Fewer players can share much fun experience from events more dynamic happening and feel more player driven dynamics. There are some available screen shot from GM events/quest on Memorial SS, please don't miss it.

Q What is advantage of Legends from other server?

A First, players population in zone is lowest among all server. This makes fewer possibility of collision with other players in zone. It is free to you for hunting any mob and proceed a quest in such zone.  There are much fun things from GM events/quests.

Q What is disadvantage of Legends?

A Player population distribution in level shapes reverse triangle on Legends. This means that it is hard to find lowbie player in zone, but highest level player. It is also difficult to find active guild/party for low/middle level(30-50). There are much twinks for that level. However, there are a few honest/friendly guild in Legends. Please check http://www.stormhammer.org.

Q How many Japanese/Asian player in Legends?

A Not so much. First Japanese players guild has been established in Mar/2003. Recently, they reformed new guild with newly subscribed players from various server. There are some information of our guild in this documentaion. There are also famous Australia/New Zealand Guild in Legends. Please check stormhammer bbs for their activity and recruit.

Q What's happen on my character if I canceled subscription?

A You may move back your character after 30days since you subscribe.

Transfer character from Legends to other server will be handled by Legends team. So, you have to send email to EQLegends@soe.sony.com or Legendsmovebackp@soe.sony.com for requesting character move back before canceling subscription. After your request is accepted and characters are move back to desired server, you may receive notification that your requested character are moved and you may cancel subscription anytime. It is important that Legends team could not move your character while you are log in. Followings are example of request email for character move back:


Could you please move back my characters as follows.

Character name      to Server
Xanweianie                  Xev
Xegweiana                   Veeshan

My station name is Xxxxxxxx.

I am looking forward your response.

Best regards,

Your name is here

If you cancel subscription without move back character, all of character are stayed on Legends server and await for you comeback. If you re-subscribe to regular subscription rahter than Legends, it cause eliminating all character on Legends server instead. Due to market promotion, SOE may re-activate your account for certain period without fee, You may receive such amnesty from SOE. Please keep your station name and password and keep update your email address registered.

Q Can I move my character from other server to another server via Legends?

A No.

Legends team keep your all character's transfer history. All character moved from other server can be only move backed to their original server. However, newly created characters on Legends are capable to move any other server you specified excluding special rule server (role playing, PvP).  There are some condition that character move back is denied or deferred by Legends team. Recently, character with elemental zone item may not be move back to their original server with that items. For detail, please check EverQuest Legends Character Move Policy.

Q  I cannot select Stormhammer on official Character Transfer Service page.

A You cannot move back character from Legends by starndard Character Transfer Service. However, You may request it to Legends team via email instead. Because, Legends team govern stormhammer server entirely, you have to send email to EQLegends@soe.sony.com for character move back. Followings are an example of email requesting.

To: EQLegends@soe.sony.com


Could you transfer my character(s) between  my two accounts on stormhammer?
Because, official character transfer page dose not work for stormhammer.

Station name:
Character names to be moved:

Station name:

Both accounts are mine and transfer within stormhammer.

If you need more information, please let me know.

I am waiting for your response.

Best regards,

Your name is here
You email address for contact

Note: You may receive email from Legends team for further processing.

Q How about subscription fee?

A Legends subscription fee is monthly base. They charge $39.95 for each month. There are no other subscription plan. Legends subscription is a premium service consists of SOE ALL ACCESS and legends service. You may also play on all EverQuest server including Stormhammer.

You have valid credit card for subscription fee payment. Character transfer between Legends and other server is free to charge.

Q Is there extra charge for transfer characters to/from Legends?

A No

Character transfer between Legends and other server is free to charge. You can move character from original server to Legends anytime you wish via Official Legends Character Transfer page.

Q How about status and progress of Japanese player on Legends?

A Currently our guild has 10 active person. Almost of them are multi-boxer. Usually, we hunt zone in 2 or 3 party especially raid time. Average character level become 64. We have better class balance in party but not perfect yet. There are few redundant class. We have reformed new guild due to guild naming rights issue. (Jun 20003)

Q I am Japanese, should have speak English for game time?

A If you play with us, it is not matter. It is enough to have  knsowledge about common EverQuest Jargon and chat phrase.

Q Is there any chat channel for Japanese?

A In early time since Legends service started, we have a chat channel for communicate with other Japanese. We have another chat channel for this purpose, stormhammerjpn.  Join  stormhammerjpn when you first login on Legends, or stormhammer:stormhammerjpn for asking any question about Legends. 

Q Could you tell me more about Legends only zone?

A At early time since Legends service started, there is a Legends only zone called Marauder,s Mire(MM). Also there is a quest to zone in and restricted to level 50+.  Due to hardness of that quest, there are few guild/party to enter that zone.  After half year since Legends service started, Legends team decided to eliminate all of Marauder's Mire contents from Legends server.   

Recently, Legends team promise that all old-revamp zone and newly expanded optional zone will be launch on Legends server at least one month advanced from other server. This will be new definition of Legends only zone.

Q Are there any Legends only MOB?

A Historically, There were Legends only mob in Legends only zone. Currently, special designed NPC for GM events/quests are still Legends only mob. You may find them each time you attend GM event/quest.

Q How about active hours of your guild?

A Our core playing time is 8pm to 0am in Japanese Standard time ( 4am-8am in PST) in weekday. We may expand core time to daytime in weekend.

Q I would like to join your guild, any requirement do you have?

A Please read guild information (GUILD INFO) first. You should be agree our rule, your class and level are not matter. If you wish to play with us on Legends, please tell us.

Q How about your guild's SoV fac standing?

A We are alliance with both Claw of Veeshan and Coldains.  Unless we all need not  SS  armor, we keep alliance with them.

Q I am just started playing EverQuest, can I play with fun on Legends?

A It is one of difficult question to answer. In personally, No. Sorry, as already mentioned previous FAQ,it is very difficult to LFG for low level party in especially Japanese time zone. There are some GM event/quest for low level player, but almost attendant are alt of high level players. It is also impossible to play with 20-30 party in every day. If you have main higher level character and low level alt, it is best server to play with duo.

Q How about activity of other guild?

A There are some famous guild in Legends. There were many guilds which has been  merged and/or disbanded in Legends. After Planes of Power launched, guild merger will be common event.  There are some non core raiding guild since service started. They are prefer to play in Legends as ideal PvE server. It is also prefer to all player for strive to learn trading skill and solve many quest.

Q Can I move character with EPIC item?

A Yes

There no restriction to move character with any items and platinum.

You can request transfer character from dedicated Legends Character Transfer Page.

Q How long dose it take to transfer character?

A Transfer of character to Legends are automatically processed in every 2 hours. If you are not logged in , they move your character at least within 2 hours. If you logged in when your request is processed, transfer may be deferred. You may request up to 8 character depending how many free character slot do you have in Legends server.

Q What is EverQuest Legends Target Reservation System?

A Legends team developed this calendar reservation system to fair use of high end zone encounter among guilds in Legends server. For more detail check Official FAQ. There is Japanese translated version Here.

To reserve the encounter with certain zone, your guild must have appropriate certification for that tier. To obtain tier certification, you must pass the appropriate Trial of Heroes. For detail, please check official Calendar System Tiers, Targets and Trial of Heroes page. There is Japanese translated version Here.



We have been established by Japanese players in Legends since Jun/2003.  The purpose of guild is rediscovering the passion and fun to adventure like our childhood.  There are no deliverance player in guild at all.  We promote all having spirit to save the Norrath.

We have successfully pass the Trial of Heroes at Jun/2003. We already join the rotation lint of RZ&RM, DtC, and Zlandicar as regular base. Current guild asset is 10 person. Average character level is 64 (at Jan/20004).

Note: We moved to Povar server. Recently, Sony Online Entertainment announce that Legends service will be canceled in Feb/1st/2007.


A member's spontaneous activity is respected in our guild except for the office work concerned with the guild management. A clear financial report to set up a bank character about the property (fund, spelling and item) of the guild commonness and which is collected and to manage one after another, and shelf wholesale are held.  It isn't fixed though an officer is sometimes in charge of either of the following business including the guild leader again. Therefore, the matter that officer business is forced isn't done in our guild.

Guild Officer's position and definition:

Raid Management
- Lead short time exp camp/ raid and party organization in weekday.
- Lead Tier encounter and special raid.

Personal Management
- Process new member's application and guide newly recruited member with in guest period and advise further gear upgrade/skill progression.
- Promote other member to assist and help leader better way  in raid event.

International Relation

- Contact with SOE/Legends team for guild. Petition and contact with GM in game time for guild member.
- Answer to other guild or foreign player who  inquiry or claim for guild member without any cause of trable.

- Accounting of vendor item sales, supply or refund of  reagent/coffin. Reporting financial status of guild bank.

- Keep  and distribute or sale appropriately surplus treasure item, SoV Armor Quest Gems, JC Gems and other reagent/gems.

Guild Leading
Plan and promote the most  raid  encounter for guild in both short/long period of time range.
Make sure all guild member know about purpose of guild.
Assign new guild officer/leader in appropriately.

Guild Officer's privilege:

Each guild officer has following privilege.

Authority of guild inviting new member
Only officer and leader can /guildinvite a newly recruited member.

Authority of updating Guild Message of the Day and Public Note
Only officer and leader can update GMOTD and Public note of guild member.

Authority of  get promotion to leader
Only officer can get promotion of guild leader from current guild leader.

Guild Leader's privilege:

Guild Leader has following privilege in addition to Officer's privilege.

Authority of promote/remove new officer
Only leader can promote or remove officer from guild.

Authority of change guild leader
Only leader change guild leader with another guild officer.

Authority of guild remove of member
Only leader can remove guild tag from a particular member.

Authority of guild disbanding
Only leader can disbanding a guild and remove tag from all member.



May I ask for the matter that the rule of the general following is observed to all the members because a guild is being maintained smoothly.

1. Leader/officer decisions must be respected. If you disagree with a decision, take it to /tells with the person who made the call in a calm matter.

2. Japanese is the main language of the guild. Please remember that not all have this as their first language, and misunderstandings can occur. So before you think about starting an argument, try to reread the message given and see if there might be a misunderstanding somewhere.

3. On raids, you must respect the orders given from leader/officer/raidleader. We do not discuss tactics with those who give the orders during such an event. Should you feel there is a better way to kill any given encounter, we will provide space for this to be discussed on the boards.

4. On raids you must be as little AFK as possible, so you wont miss important orders given.
5. Our raidchannel shall be respected as a tool for orders during raids. It is your responsibility to always have this channel active on raids, and to make sure its content is easily visible to you. We suggest you make it in a bright color that is easily readable during raids. /GU will only be used for light chat during raids.

6. You have to remember that everything you do with our guildtag attached to your name reflects back on to the guild. Respect the other players you play with, respect your guildmates.

7. Flaming/whining on board or in /gu will not be tolerated. If you are in a bad mood, don't take it out on the guild. Just don't log on.

8. Generally there is no rule regarding minimum levels of attendance. However Leaders/officers reserve the right to call for a 'Special' raid. If a special raid is called, then everyone must make all "reasonable" efforts to attend the raid. If your online and not at a 'Special' raid we will want to know why.

9. Our raiding times are from 9 PM JST (12am GMT, 7am EST, 5am PST) to 12 PM JST(3pm GMT, 10am EST, 8am PST).

10. You must stick with your main character. Change of main character will not be allowed.

11. Items that you will get upgraded will be passed down , this meaning in others words....someone else will be wearing it or it will be sold for Guildfund.

12. Some Special Items will be considered GUILD property, this mean these Items will return to the guild if you quit the game or leave the guild. (Best example is Sceptre of Destruction)

13. Spells obtained from groups hunt will need to be first offered to your guildmembers, if none need you can either give it to the SpellVault or sell for your own.

14. Spells and Items found during a raid must be passed down to the guildfund.
15. Peridot and others reagent are refunded or given out, you don't need to pay for your own.

16. Armor quest gems must be given to the questgem holder for future guild need.

17. No /anon or /role is allowed on raid time without specific reason.

18. Helping each other is THE MAIN RULE, if you don't feel like help others simply don't join us or you will get banned.

19. No greed will be tolerated in the guild, be happy for your guildmates, they will at some point help you to get something in return. Greed will result in removal from guild.

20. GuildNeed Rule can be called by an officer or the Leader, this mean in others words that if someone NEED this to help the guild as a whole, this person will get it.

21. A point system may be introduced in the guild. The system is still being development.  However it will be come available for all when it is ready.

22. If you have problem with any guildmember, try to resolve it in tells with that member. If that don't work, contact and officer or the guildleader. Don't expect all rulings to go in your favor, and don't expect the guild to kick anyone you personally don't like. Do not create a bad mood in the guild by talking bad about other members behind their back.
22. To keep mystery of EverQuest, Please do not disclose too much information on drops from mobs or tactics.

23. Read the messageboard on a regular base (at least once per day). There are always new informations

The guild has been built with raids in mind. If raiding isn't your style, you should probably reconsider joining the guild. We aim to keep a friendly atmosphere and have a good time together. We don't feel this can be achieved without a certain degree of discipline, so we expect everyone to be focused on their job when we raid.

Requirement for New Member

- Can play with us in Japanese/Asian time zone.
- Having nice playing style and etiquette
- Loving own character and striving toward maximum level/ability.
- Striving to learn English communication skill and having better understanding to EverQuest chat.
- Make distinguish main character from other alt character.

 There are guest period after guild invited. You should play with us at least total 7 pop days to become regular member.
After guest period expired, you can get access our member only page on our guild web site. We should know about your playing style carefully in this guest period. If you don't like our playing style, you may /guildremove yourself without any notification. Also, we can do same thing to you.

There are no class/level restriction for new member. However, you should understand that guild usually chose hunting zone for level 46+.
We are not hard core raiding guild rather family/friend guild. We welcome anybody who know about passion and fun from adventure like as child age.  It is important that you can well communicate other member for establish better friendship.


We have IRC chat channel for online meeting while in server down.
IRC is free internet chatting protocol and software. 

For more information of IRC

CHOCOA        http://www.labs.fujitsu.com/free/chocoa/
LIME CHAT    http://www.dive-in.to/~mb-arts/

We recommend LimeChat for our use.

Connect to following server/channel

SERVER    irc.kyoto.wide.ad.jp
PORT        6667



2003/09/17  First English version
2003/12/17 Update IRC server name
2004/01/18 Update tier rotation entries