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Other Worlds Than These

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Other Worlds Than These

by Loral on March 23, 2005

Time for an old-fashioned news roundup!


by Loral on March 23, 2005


On the evening of 23 March, 2005, the powerful armies of Cestus Dei confronted and defeated the Overlord Mata Muram. This final boss of Omens of War marked a huge step in the progression of high-end Everquest raids. Cestus Dei is also responsible for the first defeat of Tunat Muram, the final boss of the Gates of Discord
expansion. I can’t imagine the number of cross server recruitment requests they receive, but I bet it’s a lot.

2005年の3月23日の出来事に、Cestus Deiの列強軍勢がOverlord Mata Muramに立ち向かい勝利したのだった。このOmens of Warの最終ボスはハイエンドEverQuest raid侵攻の歴史に偉大な一歩を記した。Cestus DeiはまたGates of Discordの最終ボスであるTunat Muramを最初に倒したとも主張している。彼らがサーバー越しでのどれだけのメンバーを募ったかは想像もできないが、すくないはずはないだろう。

The strategy for defeating Mata Muram went quite far outside the traditional CH rotation / DPS strategies we grew used to in the times when raiding was young. Dei’s description of the event paints the picture of a very unforgiving encounter that, while still requiring good equipment, requires extreme attention by every member of the raid force. No matter what your gear, this raid sounds like a nightmare of coordination. Here’s a quote from Cestus Dei’s website.

Mata Muramを倒した戦略は我々が若かりし日によくやっていた従来的なCHローテーション/DPS戦略とは極めてかけ離れたものであった。Deiによるその出来事の説明によると、良好な装備とraid軍団全メンバーの良好な注意力を必要としながらも、極めて容赦の無い地獄絵として描かれている。どんな装備をしていようとも、このraidは未だかつて無い悪夢のように写る。以下はCestus Deiのウェブサイトからの抜粋である。

“On the surface, he’s a pretty standard boss. He does damage that’s more or less appropriate for a target at his stage of the game, and has two large instant-respawn minibosses with similar damage that must be controlled. Smaller adds spawn periodically that multiply themselves the longer they stay alive. Not all that bad on the face of it. His trick comes in the form of probably the most punishing mechanic that’s ever been tried in this game: periodically, a single person on the raid gets an emote that only they can see. They have a few seconds to react to it and cast a spell just for the encounter- if they succeed, he’s somewhat weakened. If they fail, he powers up the point where it might not guarantee a raid wipe, but in the few seconds that it even takes for everyone to realize someone has screwed up, probably everyone near him is dead.”


“Mata Muram is a boss about pure disruption and chaos. He silences, knock-backs, stuns, fizzle-curses, slows cast time, mana drains, snares, and that’s just getting started.”

“Mata Muramは純粋に混迷と混濁のボスである。彼は、silence, knock-back, stun, fizzle-curse, slow cast time, mana darin, snareを戦闘開始直後に使ってくる。

The Overlord’s last words? “There are other worlds than these…”.

Overlordが臨終に発した言葉は? “こことは別の世界がある…”

Last week, SOE posted the infamous Class Re-envisioning document. Feedback, as you can imagine, was mixed. A few more interesting changes, like the Druid’s state feature that switches between healer or blaster, got people quite excited. A lot of the agenda-wielding class voices will never be happy until their beloved class rises to the top of the 16.


A patch scheduled for early April will bring many of these changes to first light and then we can begin to see the true results, but a lot of the suggested fixes should be well received. Some, however, will never be happy no matter what SOE does.


For a long time, I felt that all classes at most levels should have some method to return quickly to safety when real life rears its ugly head. Newer games such as Worlds of Warcraft, Everquest 2, and Everquest Online Adventures give new players some method to return home. In the beginning of April, so will Everquest.

ずいぶんと長い間、ほとんどのレベルの全クラスが現実世界でとんでもない事態に際した時に安全地帯に避難できるいくつかの方法を持つべきだと感じていた。Worlds of Warcraft、EverQuest 2それにEverQuest Online Advenuresのような新興ゲームは新プレイヤーにホームへ戻るいくつかの手段を与えている。4月はじめにはEverQuestもそうなればと思う。

24 hours after one logs out from Everquest, a “return home” button will appear on your character select screen. Pressing it returns your character safely home no matter what horrible place you camped out at. This meets the needs of players who, for many reasons, have to leave very shortly and don’t have a good method to get home. Some bring up gate potions or the Origin AA as an argument against such a change, but those features are not available except to the rich or the powerful. Something had to be given to the level 35 ranger of Kaesora who had no other way out. This is a great change.

あるときEverQuestからログアウトした24時間後、"return home"ボタンがキャラクタ選択スクリーン上に現れる。それを押すと貴方のキャラクタは貴方がどんな恐ろしい場所でキャンプしたかに関わらず安全なホームへと戻してくれる。これは極めて手早く席を離れなければならないがホームに戻る良い手段が無い、などの多くの理由をもったプレイヤーは歓迎するだろう。一部の人はgate potionやOrigin AAをそうした変更要望への対抗議論としてあげているが、これらの機能は裕福かパワフルのいずれかでないと利用できない。まったく脱出方法が無いKaesoraにいるlevel35のrangerに何か方法が与えられるべきだった。これは偉大な変更である。

Another less useful feature restores a character to full hitpoints and mana after a character has been logged out for one hour. Considering most characters can restore much faster than that, even twice as fast now that we have the guild hottub, I don’t see much of a purpose, but it will do little harm.


Last week began the month-long celebration for Everquest’s sixth year. A new scavenger hunt quest across Kunark rewarded many with a new ten-charge 30-minute experience doubling potion. I’m convinced I will spend five clicks accidentally sitting in the hottub and another five just before my group wipes out.

先週から1ヶ月間のEverQuest 6周年記念が始まりました。Kunarkを横断する新しいscavenger huntクエストでは10チャージ分の新30分間経験値倍増potionがもらえます。正直に告白すると、私は温泉に浸かっている間とグループが壊滅する直前に5回ずつ誤ってクリックして使い切ってしまいそうである。

With the anniversary comes fabled mobs. Over a hundred mobs, many in Kunark, grew greatly in powered and earned the title Fabled. Fabled Venril Sather tore down his opponents with a melee attack for somewhere around 5100. The Fabled Overking in Chardok dropped a 250 hp and mana breastplate with a clickable invis that had most clerics drooling like St. Bernards. A few players pontificated that six years from now, the Fabled Mata Muram will hit folks for somewhere in the 10 million range.

記念週間ではfabled mobもやってきます。100を越すmob、多くはKunarkに以前よりパワーアップしてFabledのタイトルがついています。Fabled Venril Satherは対する敵を5100前後のmelee attackで撃退します。ChardokにいるThe Fabled Overkingは多くのcleric達にとってSt. Bernardsを彷彿させるclickable invisiの付いた250hp/manaのbreastplateを落とします。今から6年経ってもいるプレイヤーは少ないかもしれませんが、the Fabled Mata Muramは群がる敵をどっか10milion彼方に吹っ飛ばすと思われます。

On 22 March, SOE began merging four of the blue servers down to two. Antonia Bayle and Kane Bayle merged down to Antonia Bayle. Solusek Ro and Bristlebane merged down to Bristlebane. I expect we will see more of these mergers in the future but the severity of such changes warrant a slower approach.

3月22日に、SOEは4つの過疎サーバーを2つに合併しました。Antonia BayleとKane Bayleは一緒になってAntonia Bayleになりました。Solusek RoとBristlebaneは一緒になってBristlebaneになりました。私は近いうちにもっと合併が進むと思われますが、そうした変更の重要度はもっと穏やかにしてほしいものである。

Time for a shamless plug. Over on Caster’s Realm, I wrote an article called “Class, Equipment, and Encounter Balance” that discusses the complex balance between these three variables. My main conclusion is that class balance alone isn’t a factor to be considered without levels, equipment, and encounters coming into play. Anyone who reads my pompous prose won’t be surprised by the article. I expect to write a couple more articles for CR soon including “Why Soloing is Evil” and “Why Play Everquest?”, a rewrite of an older article of mine that still makes the rounds once in a while.

恥も外聞もなく、Caster’s Realm上で私は"Clss, Equipment, and Encounter Balance"という題の記事を書いた。これは3つの変数の複雑なバランスについて議論するものです。私の主たる結論として、レベル、装備、プレイ中の対戦相手を抜きにしてクラスバランスだけが検討されるべきではないというものです。誰でも私の持論を読んで驚くに当たらないと思うでしょう。私は近々にCRに二つの記事、"ソロが良くない訳"と"EverQuestをプレイする訳"を書こうと思います。以前の記事の書き直しでありずっと再び声を大にして言ってみたいと思って事がらです。

And with that shameless plug out of the way, I leave you to enjoy this month’s festivities and look forward to the changes coming soon. Remember: All things serve the beam.


Loral Ciriclight
24 March 2005



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